ProGro Group Services

We get things done

We at ProGro Group take the extra leap, applying our 20 years experience in establishing
brands in both building and FMCG sectors. We understand relationships between
business networks. Our passion is to attract new customers and continuously
strengthen existing connections. Through communication and trust, together we
reach mutual growth.

Key Customers

Hardware Sector

ProGro Group assists with the listing and marketing of products with Hardware Groups. Regular training is provided at store level to encourage increased sales. Due to the relationship between ProGro Group and the various hardware groups and stores, the hardwares will keenly look at what we have to offer due to the excellent service that we have with these stores. A benefit to a product or brand that is looking for a secure entrance into this market.

Developers / Builders

ProGro Group meets with both Developers and Builders to market products that they could use on various projects and developments. We get actively involved on projects and will introduce our various clients’ products for speculation on projects. Through ProGro Group knowing the industry and our clients’ needs, Developers and Builders buy from us, therefore the trust relationship is the key to the marketing success of a product.

QS’s / Architects

ProGro Group meets with QS’s and Architects to spec items for projects and to make sure all requirements are met and all necessary questions are answered. We actively introduce products, providing all the necessary technical data so that they may look favourably on the item being specced. As with the builders and developers, the relationship between ProGro Group and various architects will benefit a product or brand that we may be representing on a national level.


ProGro Group provides a service as an agency for various brands wanting to establish a footprint within retail groups with their products. We assist with the listing of the various products with these groups, marketing the products into stores and managing relationships at both store levels and head office levels. Ensuring continuous growth of the brand of products. We handle the entire marketing and sales process for the customer.