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Values we put into practice to get things done

ProGro Group aid in differentiating your brand from competitors to operate at its
full potential, to position itself to establish and maintain a competitive edge
with a valued product.

Building Sector

Marketing Agency

FMCG Agency

Why choose ProGro Group:

Our specialised services assists in the establishment
of brands and products in all sectors of business.
Our focus is to work hand in hand with our clients by
offering them products of a high quality at excellent
and competitive pricing.

ProGro Group, Who we are:

We act as proud suppliers and agents for various
imported high quality products, brands and companies
in the building and FMCG industry.  Amongst which,
supplying a range of renewable energy solutions for all
sectors throughout Africa at excellent pricing.


We aim to provide you with the best quality and most cost effective product to increase your sales conversion rate. Being of service to you, directing your business towards success.


Continuously procure new business and create a network of opportunity for all to expand and receive sustainable returns above expectation.