Who We Are

Offering solutions that differentiate you

Progro Group act as proud suppliers of various products and brands to the building industry. Working closely with developers, builders, hardware groups, architects and more, we aim to provide you with the best quality and most cost-effective product to increase your sales conversion rate. Being of service to you, directing your businesses towards success. We are adding to our basket continuously as clients inform us of products that they need. Sustaining strong, long-term business relationships, aiding in achieving goals through offering products with great value and reliable service.  We distribute solar modules for integration into buildings as a complete system, as well as individualised, customer-specific solutions.  Our products are ranked among the highest quality and best performing inverters and solar panels which are suitable for anything from small residential properties to medium-sized commercial facilities. We, furthermore, assist with and offer solar solutions, based on requirement, for industrial purposes.

ProGro Group: Services

We have the skill and passion to complement and enhance your organisation’s market presence. We specialize in creating brand awareness, product demand and a sustainable service to the hardware, as well as FMCG, industries. We also act as agents for product listings and demand planning into the retail sector with all hardware groups and stores on a national level.  We endeavour to build long standing relationships with the clientele that approach us through loyalty and trust.  Service excellence is how we differentiate ourselves in the market. We continuously find ways to attract, attain and retain customers to promote companies to operate at their full potential.  We offer the support to create sustainable differentiation, maintaining a competitive edge and defined conversion path. Our team carries with it 20 years experience in establishing brands in both building and FMCG sectors and as a result we have outstanding relationships with key players operating in these industries.